Where to find laundromat attendants

The turnover rate for hourly, minimum wage employees in the Unites States keeps rising. Finding good candidates, and keeping them, is harder than ever. Fortunately, best practices in the hiring process can help reduce staff turnover. You just have to know where to find laundromat attendants for your business and making sure they are the best.

Staffing agencies

If you don’t have the time or patience to overlook the hiring process you can give the job to a staffing agency. They are experts in finding the best candidates so you can be pretty sure to get good results. The downside? You’ll have to invest money that can be put to better use if you do this work yourself.

Social Media

Facebook specially is a favorite of laundromat owners. Posting is free and you can get to a large pool of candidates.


Your current employees know better than anyone else the work load and culture of your business. They will bring people that can handle the work and will easily adjust to the shop’s environment. If you can afford to offer an incentive for your staff to bring successful referrals even better.

In store signage

A lot of owners have found long lasting employees in their own customers. It’s also the case that people looking for opportunities will visit businesses to see if they are hiring. If that’s the case, make sure that anyone who visits you can see that there’s employment opportunities in your laundromat.

Candidates will probably live nearby and are already part of your community.

where to find laundromat attendants

Now you know where to find laundromat attendants but… how to keep them for the long run?

When it comes to staff members you are competing with the fast food and retail industries. Those can be giants, so look into what you can offer that they don’t. Try to give your staff as many benefits as it makes sense to your business, but also emphasize the fact that working at a laundromat is a lot less hectic than their other options.

Shops are usually family run businesses and/or have a small but tight team of employees. This is not the usual case in other industries so that advantage of that.

It also helps to maintain a modern, clean store. A positive environment will attract better candidates by itself.

The hardest part of hiring for a laundromat is budgeting how many staff members you can afford. You might be tempted to find a “do-it-all”. An attendant who also does deliveries and repairs to your equipment.

We strongly advise you don’t fall for that. Giving proper maintenance to your machines is very important and so you dhould have a designated staff member for that. If you can’t find one, or can’t afford to hire more staff at the moment we recommend you look into our service plans.

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