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How to lower utility costs in your laundry room

Wether you’re running a laundromat, hospitality business or manage an apartment building with its own on premise laundry room, utility costs are of utmost importance. In fact, more than 60% of laundromat owners consider utilities expenses as their biggest obstacle in the business! Here are some tips that will help you lower utility costs in your laundry room.

Energy efficient lighting

According to the Washington Post, the monthly usage savings for a single bulb is $1.25 when you switch to LED. This might sound like a minimal amount but think about it… how many light bulbs your business requires? Once you’ve added it all up you’ll realize the savings are pretty significant.

Light sensors

There’s probably times when your laundry room is empty, specially if you’re running a 24 hrs. operation. Keeping the lights on during all this time will add up on your bill. A motion sensor that turns on and off the lights when someone enters or leaves the room will solve this problem.

Sealed doors and windows

Air can easily sneak in and out of a room through unsealed doors and windows. This will make your AC work harder during the summer, significantly raising your utility bill.

Well maintained equipment

Commercial laundry equipment needs to be cleaned regularly and to have a maintenance schedule to operate at the top of its capacity. Properly maintained equipment will save you money in your utility bills. A maintenance schedule will also keep larger repairs and other unexpected expenses at bay.

how to lower utility costs

Trained staff and educated customers

You’ll want everyone interacting with your business and your equipment to be on the same page about utility saving practices. Well trained staff will be quicker to notice if there’s something wrong with your machines. Sings and pamphlets can educate customers about best practices like using cold water and shorter dry times.

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