Boost guest satisfaction with this one tip!

You might think finding new ways to boost guest satisfaction shouldn’t be a top priority for you when there’s already a lot more that can go wrong with your business but.. is there anything worst than an unhappy customer in the hospitality business?

Give your guests the best customer service possible and they will reward you with word of mouth referrals, positive reviews online and repeated business.

Happy guests means revenue, occupancy and better rankings. If you’re not sure how to boost guest satisfaction with your hotel keep reading!

The secret to guest satisfaction is listening to your customers!

Communication is key! Make sure to establish a meaningful connection with your guests before, during and after their stay.

As soon as you get a new booking, send a follow up email. This will allow you to gather important information even before your clients arrive at your hotel. They need extra pillows? Maybe they want to try your new restaurant on their second night. Whatever it is, you will be ready to provide them with anything they hope for during their stay.

Once they’ve arrived, try to get as much feedback as possible while they’re still there. If they’re having any issues during their stay, you’ll be able to fix them. If you resolve your guests concerns before they leave, you’ll save yourself from a negative review later on. Make sure your staff is well train to get this information fro your guests and how to find solutions to any problem that might arise.

When they leave reach out with a survey! This will allow you to find out if you miss anything during their stay and hopefully they will tell you directly before posting a negative review online.

And speaking about online reviews, make sure to have dedicated time to respond to them within at least 48 hrs. Good or bad, make sure no review goes unanswered. If your client took the time to write a few lines the least you could do is give them a reply. Have a designated person or team for this so all content follows the same protocol and remains consistently professional.

Other ways to boost guest satisfaction are keeping up with the latest on technology, fastracking your booking and check in processes and, most importantly CLEANLINESS!

boost guest satisfaction

That’s right, clean rooms are super important to your guests now more than ever. This includes bed and bath linen so make sure your laundry operation is running smoothly. But don’t worry! Our leasing agreement is here to help. You can get the most up-to-date, energy efficient equipment with no credit check and zero money down. The best part is you never have to pay for service or parts, and routine scheduled maintenance is included!

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